2014 Affirmation

I declare without reservation that the year 2014 is the year of “EXPLOITS!”

God has truly ordered my steps and I am positioned to accomplish the great.

The process I have come through has proven me, prepared me, purged me, and now will promote me

This year I must keep my heart pure, and my mind open, because God will move in ways that are fresh and new.

I cannot lose my focus fighting battles that belong to the Lord.

I must remember that the level of attack reveals the level of the assignment.  Big attacks mean big assignments.

My confidence cannot be in flesh, because God is doing something that must be recognized by the Spirit.

God will allow me to witness my enemies becoming footstools, therefore I will not hold grudges, or take offense with those who mistreat me.

Because 14 represents 7 multiplied twice, this is a year of completion, and witness.

I proclaim that I am completely whole in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Those who observe my journey will be amazed at what God does, and what I am anointed to accomplish for the Kingdom.

I am called to be a leader, I am consecrated to win, and I am commissioned by God to change situations and atmospheres.

This year, everything I touch will increase; I must wake up every day with a Spirit of Expectation because of the power of God.

Because God will move swiftly this year, I will be healed from all past pain and disappointments.

I have survived much, and that has equipped me with a Spirit of Endurance that God will honor as I continue to remain committed to the Kingdom.

I further declare and expect God to perform “EXPLOITS” in my life, my church, and the lives of my spiritual leaders.

Peace, Power, Provision, and Promotion belong to me in Jesus Name!!

2014 Corporate Consecration

The period of corporate consecration includes:

  1. Personal Sacrifice & Fasting
  2. Corporate Prayer
  3. Corporate Daily Devotion


During the period of consecration we will share in a time of corporate sacrifice and fasting.  The fast of choice is a personal decision that is a product of the individual seeking the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Some examples of fasting parameters are as follows:

          Fast from food 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

          Fast from social media

          Fast from fried foods

          Fast from red meat

          Fast from all meat

You should consult your physician or other health care professional before fasting or making any major dietary change.

Products of the Personal Sacrifice & Fasting:                        

                   Training of the Flesh

                   Development of the Spirit Man

                   Improved relationship with Christ

                   Focused prayer life


During the consecration period the Lord will require our faithful commitment to pray.  The congregation will be in corporate prayer daily at noon, focusing our prayers according to the following schedule:


Unity of the congregation: Pray that the people of God will stand unified as we pursue the vision of this house.

Spirit of Order: Pray that the people of God will operate ministry in the order of the Kingdom and have respect for the leaders of the ministries that serve.

Clear Godly Direction: Pray for the church leadership to clearly know the voice and will of God during this strategic season.

Courage: Pray that the leadership and people of God will have courage and not operate with a spirit of doubt.

Repentance: Pray that any sin present in our congregation will come under conviction and that we will operate with a spirit of conviction by confessing and repenting, clearing the hand of God to move.


Assignment of Finances:  Pray for the openness of the congregation to hear the voice of God about committing finances to the vision of this house.

Supernatural Giving: Pray that believers will be led of God to commit to tithing and giving of offerings to meet the financial requirements of the vision of this house.

Increased Income: Pray for Jehovah to release financial increase in the life of the congregation enabling a greater capacity to give.

Disciplined Decisions: Pray that the congregation to be disciplined in spending and saving, enabling us to commit income to the vision.

Spirit of Sacrifice: Pray that the congregation will be open to the will of God in our giving and sacrifice according to his word and will for our lives.

Spirit of Obedience: Pray that the adversary will not sow seeds of doubt preventing the people of God from remaining obedient to God throughout the Year of Exploits.


Numeric Growth: Pray for God to release new physical growth in the congregation.

Favor with Government Officials: Pray that the processes of review and submission to those in government that make the decisions will be smooth.  Pray for a spirit of cooperation within the community.

Expectation of Gifts: Pray that those with gifts that are assigned to this fellowship will be moved by God to align their gifts with the will of God. Pray for gifts of believers to be made manifest.

Development of Staff: Pray that the church staff will stand unified and open to the will of God and grow individually and corporately in preparation for the added responsibility of managing additional sites.  Pray for the release of additional staff resources as required by the vision.


Spirit of Gossip: Pray for the Lord to silence the vision critics.  Pray that God will release a spirit of harmony and silence those in the life of the church family who speak negative and have a negative influence.

The Power of Words: Pray that God will teach and remind each of us about the power of confession and the power of the tongue.  Pray that those who speak publicly about the vision will be subjected to the power of God.  Pray for positive words and statements to become the resources of our mouths.

Positive Testimony: Pray that God will use the vision to display His power locally and throughout the world.  Pray that God will release inspiration to those who observe His handiwork during this vision.

Dream Pushers: Pray for those who have a spirit of exhortation and influence to push the doubters to belief, the critics to support, and the fearful to courage.  Pray that their influence will be enlarged.  Pray that the dream pushers be anointed to silence the critics, and not be intimidated to speak up.

Spirit of Influence: Pray that God will continue to enlarge our circle of influence in Virginia, North Carolina and globally.

Spirit of Division: Pray that God will expose, uncover, reveal and remove those who are used by Satan to sow seeds of discord and strife in the Kingdom.


The congregation will read and reflect on the same daily scriptural readings during the period of consecration.

(Period 1) Preparation for the Vision

Apr 1               1 Samuel 3:1-14

Apr 2               1 Samuel 3:15-21

Apr 3               Joshua 1:10-18

Apr 4               Joshua 3:1-17

Apr 5               Habakkuk 2:1-3

(Period 2) Provision for the Vision

Apr 6               Haggai 1:1-11

Apr 7               Exodus 25:1-9

Apr 8               Malachi 3:6-12

Apr 9               1 Chronicles 22:10-19

Apr 10             Deuteronomy 8:11-20

(Period 3) People for the Vision

Apr 11             Exodus 12:31-50

Apr 12             Nehemiah 2:1-20

Apr 13             1 Kings 5:3-18

Apr 14             Ephesians 4:17-32

Apr 15             Genesis 39:1-23

(Period 4) Protection of the Vision

Apr 16             Psalms 127

Apr 17             Joshua 2:1-24

Apr 18             Numbers 13:25-33

Apr 19             James 1:26, 3:5-18

Apr 20             Matthew 5:14-20

The Corporate Consecration period ends after 12 noon worship on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Mount Leads

The Vision

The vision of The Mount is to provide a nurturing Christian environment, where the believer can Embrace the Eternal God, Engage their call from God, be Equipped for Ministry, and Employ their gifts in the vineyard. We focus on bridging the gap between Christian believers and the community.


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8:00 AM Early Morning Worship


10:00 AM Morning Worship


10:00 AM 1st & 3rd Sunday - Children's Church




12 Noon Power Lunch @ The Mount-Chapel


7:00 PM Bible Study


Elizabeth City




12:15 PM Worship




12 Noon Rap Lunch


7:00 PM Bible Study


The Peninsula




9:00 AM Morning Worship


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