The Year of EXPOSURE!

2018 Affirmation

I will boldly and faithfully declare that the year 2018 is the year of EXPOSURE!

Judges 20:18 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.

Because I am confident that God is doing something new, I will practice my exposure by sending my praise into battle first.

The “exposure” of God will cause me to “witness promotion”!

This year, God shall reveal even more clearly His assignment for my life, and though there will be obstacles, I declare I win and overcome.

My full exposure will be revealed as I overcome fear, procrastination, unbelief and doubt.


Exposure will allow God to protect my journey and this year I will no longer be timid as I pursue all that God has prepared for me.

God has promised to expose those who are for me as well as those who are against me.  

Those who have discounted me will now watch God reveal who I am destined to become.

As I seek God, He will expose me to victories over people and situations that have overtaken me in the past.

I anticipate God revealing His mind and heart to me in fresh ways.

The Holy Spirit will make sense of my past hurts, pains and struggles that have led and prepared me for this season of increase.

The favor of God will expose me to people, places and ideas beyond my imagination so that I can take territory for the Kingdom.

This year I cannot withhold anything from God; my treasure, my time, and my talents are gifts from God to be used to expose the Kingdom in a greater way.

The hand of God will be clearly evident upon me as I increase in all areas of my life as God uses me to declare and display His anointing and call.

I am fully prepared and equipped to be a blessing to others and declare that God is EXPOSING me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership.  


The Mount Leads

The Vision

The vision of The Mount is to provide a nurturing Christian environment, where the believer can Embrace the Eternal God, Engage their call from God, be Equipped for Ministry, and Employ their gifts in the vineyard. We focus on bridging the gap between Christian believers and the community.


Social Covenant

We commit to love, value, respect and protect each other.  Therefore, we continually choose to:


  • Listening to each other
  • Encouraging and affirming each other
  • Offering, soliciting and receiving honest feedback
  • Believing the best motives
  • Resolving conflict with forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Being teachable and vulnerable with each other
  • Reproducing ourselves in the lives of others


  • Trusting each other within healthy boundaries
  • Challenging constraints and engaging in healthy confrontation
  • Developing potential in each other, which results in personal growth
  • Walking in unity with grace and truth
  • Focusing on the task(s) at hand
  • Being accountable to produce fruitful returns
  • Extending the opportunity to dream and have fun 

Issachar Conference 2018

Spiritual Release Prayer

Our Father God in Heaven, thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you through prayer. We thank you for your unfailing love towards us and your abiding grace that operates daily in our lives. We ask you Father that you forgive us of our sins so that we may approach you with pure hearts and motives.

Father we pray, just as your servant Daniel prayed. We ask for wisdom to operate justly in this life, we ask for spiritual and natural strategies to help us to take territory for the Kingdom and live life on earth as it is in Heaven. We ask that you shower us with blessings so that we can tell the world how good you are. We pray for spiritual blessings; a righteous mind, pure hearts, right motives, protection for family, protection for our church family and leadership, a deeper relationship with you, a closer and meaningful relationship with family,  a deeper revelation of your love for us, a spiritual boldness, to operate in the calling you have for us. We pray for natural blessings; to live in the best, eat the best, wear the best, drive the best, to be first class in life.  

Father we understand that just as Daniel prayed and his answers were withheld by the demonic. We now have a revelation that our answers are being held up. The manifestations of all we have requested are being blocked by the evil one. So now God we pray through the blood of Jesus that whatever demonic force is holding up our manifestation, that it be dealt with by you and your archangels. WE come against any and all blockages of satan, NOW in the name of Jesus.  We decree and declare that EVERYTHING you have for us, spiritually and naturally be RELEASED into to our possession NOW. We declare to receive ALL that you had for our ancestors in Jesus name. We declare to receive generational blessings in Jesus name. We impose interest on everything that was held up from us, We shall receive more than what was kept from us in Jesus Name. We pray that the angels defeat and break down any walls, restrictions, roadblocks or blockages spiritual or natural in Jesus Name. Anything, whether it may be spiritual or natural that, may have hindered us before cannot hinder us any longer. We receive an overflow of strategies, wisdom, spiritual and natural blessings in Jesus Name.



The “woman” is the church….






Arts and Entertainment



Christology: The study of Christ (Matthew 1:23)

Christ is the Son of God

Christ was born of a virgin

Christ will return to earth

Christ was fully God and fully man

Pneumatology: The study of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-17)

Everyone is given the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit must be recognized and released

The Holy Spirit is teacher and comforter

Soteriology: The work of Christ/Salvation (John 10:28-30)

Christ died for all people

Without the shedding of blood no sin is forgiven

The work of salvation is complete

We can give our salvation back

Anthropology: The study of Man/Human nature (Romans 3:23, Eph 2:10)

Man was created for relationship and praise

All humanity is born in sin

Our flesh does not get saved when we accept Christ

Every person has divine purpose

We have an internal battle going on between sin and spirit

Hamartiology: The study of Sin (Matthew 26:41)

Sin separates us from God

God hates all sins

God can save from all sin

Harmartia: missing the mark

Ecclesiology: The study of the church (1Cor 12:27-28)

The church is not an organization

The church is the “Body” of Christ

The church does on earth what Christ did

Eschatology: The study of the end times (1 Thess 4:16-18)

Jesus Christ shall return to earth for the Saints

No one knows the day or hour

The dead not of Christ will remain dead

Angelology: The study of Angels (Hebrews 1:14, Daniel 6:22, Psalm 91:11-13)

Angels are messengers

Angels are protectors

Each person has an angel

Service Times





8:00 AM Early Morning Worship


10:00 AM Morning Worship


8:00 AM &10:00 AM - Mountaineer Children's Ministry




12 Noon Lunchtime Bible Study with Bishop Brown @ Great Bridge Community Center

212 Holt Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322


12 Noon Power Lunch @ The Mount-Chapel


7:00 PM Bible Study


7:00 PM - Mountaineer Children's Ministry


Elizabeth City




12:15 PM Worship




12 Noon Rap Lunch


7:00 PM Bible Study


The Peninsula




9:00 AM Morning Worship


7:00 PM Bible Study



9:00 AM Morning Worship

7:00 PM Bible Study



5:00 PM Afternoon Worship



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